National Folklore Festival "Canta, canta gura scumpa!", edition VI, 17 to 19 November 2015

In a fairytale land in which God has placed with great care, and water and hills and mountains falosi born poveste.Oameni people who gather to watch the chests of mind the most "minded" and experiences, habits , traditions, cramps folclor.Le out the light, store and polished, like jewels, and bring them in front publicului.Neobositi and tirelessly on cultural teramuri (God reward them toil) were "midwife" a festival of that "flows" tireless desire "Sing, sing, mouth expensive" .de when in trouble or joy knows novel, alkane appease his soul with songs joc.Aici doinas or hopping in the old hearth of the fair bins were gathered since the autumn of 2007, young performers and artists from around the country consacrati.Artistilor area, more or less famous, large or small ensembles, amateur or professional, was drept- judge them public.

From year to year, the Festival has grown as Praslea in a year as others in seven, reaching the top film festivals in tara.A he went with our dear member name Beiusului who not infrequently was appointed by mass -media "Romanian folklore capital" .and not only that!

Since the first edition, were brought to polling Beius foreign-popular singing and violin instrument, the School of Arts "Francis Hubic" in Oradea .and more and more students take out beiusene schools in Oradea Faculty of Arts studying music Another big success, following the editions of the Festival, was also the setting up of ensembles in the "dowry Buduresii", "sprouts Lazuri" "Peonies Uileacului", "Romanasii" from Draganesti, "Codrenii" Rosia etc.

It was not difficult nor easy! Edition 2015 was an activity included in the "Door-Gate Beius to promote multiculturalism in Country Beiusului" whose promoter is Beius Municipality.

The whole team has strengthened efforts failed to bring to the audience a show so successful and remains year after year, as a wager won by ourselves, believing we manage to do more, better!

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Festival "Let's meet Beethoven!", Eighth edition, November 5, 2015

The project goal was familiarity secondary school students with the life and work of composer Ludwig van Beethoven and musical habits and skills development.

Specific objectives

  • Stimulating taste for music and nurturing inclinations, skills and artistic talents;
  • Developing children's freedom of expression through music and stimulating taste for quality music;
  • Stimulation group (teamwork), aesthetic taste of pupils' interest;
  • Improve communication and networking relations between students from different schools.

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Regional Festival of Folk Traditions and Folk Artists, First Wdition (21 to 23 May 2015)

The event was held over three days (May 21 to 23, 2015). They were invited craftsmen, ensembles and singers from Tara Beiusului. Along with art exhibitions, were held also demonstrations. In parallel, on the stage in the center of Beius, were held outdoor performances.The event targeted several directions representative:

  • arts - crafts;
  • arts and musical ensembles and vocalists;
  • arts and theater monologues unwritten;
  • cusine arts Romanian, Hungarian, Romm

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